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Pellet Kettle by Landmann: the precise multitalent

With the temperature control of a gas grill and the aroma characteristics of a smoker

For the barbecue season 2017, brand maker LANDMANN presents its new pellet grill, which combines the advantages of two grill worlds: the comfort of a gas grill with precise temperature control and the typical smoky taste of the smoker's grill. The fuel supply can be cleverly dosed, the temperature finely adjusted and also over a long period constant hold - the new pellet grill from LANDMANN mastered the perfect. This allows the all-rounder to be used for indirect grilling, smoking and American BBQ. And so the new Pellet Kettle from LANDMANN leads to great grilling results: Sawdust chips are used as fuel for pellets ("pellets", "pills"). Switchboard of LANDMANN's new pellet grills is a control panel with eleven different setting options covering the entire grilling temperature range from 71 ⁰C to 260 ⁰C. After the ignition by pressing a button, the desired temperature is set on the controller. An electric feed screw then automatically feeds precisely the amount of wood pellets that are just needed in the combustion chamber for firing. In this way an even heat development is ensured even in the case of indirect grilling, smoking and smoking - that is to say, in the case of cooking processes which can take many hours. 'BBQ on the long-haul' is thus very comfortable: no more tedious handling with glowing charcoal more, no long taxing of fuel quantities and constant control of the grill. And although grilling itself is much more relaxed, connoisseurs do not have to do without the typical smoky flavor of the grilled food. LANDMANN has equipped its Pellet Kettle with enamelled grill grate, exorbitant fat tray, spacious side table for folding down and an additional storage surface above the ground. Two wheels in combination with two lockable castors ensure mobility and at the same time stability of the device, which has a 240-volt power connector. The pellet container with its large filling volume is designed for long-term operation. The included core temperature thermometer ensures a quick cooking check of the food. For its new grill, LANDMANN offers pellets of hickory wood, which remind with their intense smoky aroma and a certain sharpness of smoked ham. These pellets are made from untreated wood without bark and artificial binders. Also offers LANDMANN smoking chips for the flavoring of the food in many different tastes. The Pellet Kettle (recommended retail price: 799,00 Euro) and the Hickory pellets in the 9-kilo bag (recommended retail price: 19.99 Euro) from LANDMANN are available in hardware stores and the selected specialist retailers.

Kepler is coming!

The new ball grille series from the brand manufacturer LANDMANN

A round thing for perfect grilling pleasure: the Kugelgrillserie Kepler with a total of three models, which LANDMANN brings to the market start in the trade. The grills named after a coal-black planet already offer everything in the standard version, which makes a good charcoal kettle. The top model Kepler 600 for 259,00 Euro (recommended retail price) scores among other things with cast-iron grille to open, temperature indicator in the lid and large ash catch. In the two charcoal baskets made of aluminised steel, the fuel can be arranged precisely for indirect grilling. The lid, fire cup and Kohlerost are enamelled. Brand maker LANDMANN has equipped its new ball grills with four legs, two of them with stable running wheels. This ensures mobility and at the same time ensures a firm stand. A graterost diameter of approx. 56 cm offers plenty of space for delicious grills for up to ten people. With the Kepler models LANDMANN shows that brand quality does not have to cost the world: They are available from 149.00 Euro (recommended retail price) in hardware stores and the selected specialist dealers.

Perfect entry into the PTS class

New LANDMANN gas grill series Rexon for the season start in the trade

For the increasing number of BBQ fans who want to buy a gas appliance, a PTS-Grill from LANDMANN stands at the top of the wish list. This is no coincidence, because the successful PTS system ("Power Thermal Spreading System") is equal with a very even heat distribution, full temperature control and thus perfect grilling results. To start off into the grilling season 2017, brand manufacturer LANDMANN is launching a new range of machines with Rexon PTS, which allows direct entry into the PTS class of gas grills at an attractive price.   Three Rexon models are available, which offer the modern PTS standard on the basis of a solid basic equipment. The top model, Rexon PTS 4.1, grills with four infinitely variable stainless steel burners plus a recessed side burner. In addition, the spacious gas grill offers practical side tables, a closed base cabinet and two lockable castors for mobility and at the same time secure stand (recommended retail price: 399,00 Euro). The second model is the three-lobed, otherwise identical Rexon PTS 3.1 (recommended retail price: 349,00 Euro), which is available as PTS 3.0 alternatively also without side burner and base cabinet (recommended retail price: 299,00 Euro). All Rexon PTS models offer an extragalous enamelled grill grating for up to 12 persons, enamelled burner covers, a practical warm holder, grease tray and a temperature indicator in the lid. The new gas grills from LANDMANN are available in hardware stores and the selected specialist dealers.

Spoga + gafa: LANDMANN-Grillwelten 2018

The highlights of the German brand manufacturers range from new models of the Pantera compact gas grille series to a new Avalon and Smoker generation as far as the built-in station for the high-end garden kitchen At the grilling season 2018, LANDMANN is consistently continuing the brand launch launched successfully last year. With the promise of Your World of BBQ , the company is presenting the trade at the spoga + gafa 2017 a diverse range of grills with products for different groups of buyers. A new generation of offset smokers has been developed for the increasingly popular American Barbecue. The massive, up to 20-inch units score with high material thickness and are suitable for all types of smoking. While the top models are designed for true barbecue experts, ambitious newcomers can also use the entry-level appliances for classic barbecue. The range of equipment for smoking is supplemented by so-called vertical smokers . With this smoker type, the food can be hung as in a smoke box. The flow of smoke runs from the bottom to the top - and not horizontally as with smokers. In the product area gas grill COUNTRYMAN introduces the next generation of the Avalon series at spoga + gafa. The premium range has been upgraded to a new quality level with new design, high-quality materials and the PTS + system, which also implements an innovative cleaning concept. LANDMANN presents a high-end unit of the special class for the outdoor kitchen with the new Ardor grill station. The built-in version has been developed in order to be able to fulfill even the most stringent requirements in terms of material, design and functionality. Premiere in the category of compact gas grills have added additional model versions of the Pantera. One of the trolley variants is a one-burner grill and a tailgate version popular in the USA, which is perfect for mobile use. New barbecue accessories complement the LANDMANN product range. "At spoga + gafa we put our product line, tailored to the consumer types in different theme worlds in scene," explains COUNTRYMAN CEO Andreas Schubert. "This enables the visitor to get to know the new product highlights and trends directly in the appropriate experience environment. At the same time, we are giving a taste for the shop-in-shop constructions with which LANDMANN supports the stationary trade at the point-of-sale. " LANDMANN presents itself in Hall 07.1, booth F010. Irrespective of this, the German brand manufacturer has been giving its trading partners an overview of the grill innovations 2018 in its company center near Bremen since the beginning of July 2017. Further information: Landmann GmbH & Co. Trading-KG At the internal field 3 - 5 Add Review about Osterholz-Scharmbeck Tel .: 04791 308-0 Fax: 04791 308-35 / 36 E-mail: