Vinson Smoker-the new 4-in1-model from LANDMANN

  • Multi-functional smoker for barbecue smoking, direct grilling, indirect grilling and smoking at a low temperature
  • Models for beginners and barbecue experts
  • Also: new gas smoker for fine delicacies
For the trend theme of smoking, LANDMANN has developed a new model series of offset smokers, which will be introduced to the trade for the next barbecue season under the name Vinson. The new LANDMANN smokers, with the appearance of a classic offset smoker, are designed for barbecue smoking, however, they are also perfect for direct grilling, indirect grilling and even smoking at a low temperature (cold smoking). page 2 of 4 4-in-1-advantage of the Vinson range: one model, four kinds of preparation In practical use, the new LANDMANN smokers are extremely flexible with respect to the possible methods of preparation: starting, for example, from the light and tender Pulled Pork (smoking) via delicious steaks (direct grilling) and crispy pizza (indirect grilling) to smoked trout (smoking at a low temperature).
  • Barbecue Smoking– The food is placed in the cooking chamber and is surrounded by very hot smoke (225–300⁰F), which is produced in the fire chamber by the fuel (wood, charcoal, charcoal briquettes).
  • Direct grilling– The food to be grilled is prepared directly above the charcoal embers in the cooking chamber with the lid open. If necessary, the firebox can also be used for direct grilling ("Party Mode").
  • Indirect grilling– food to be grilled and fuel are both to be found in the cooking chamber, but not directly one above the other, but side-by-side (indirect heat).
  • Smoking at a low temperature (below 100⁰F) – Smoke is generated in the firebox using smoking chips or wood chips, which flows around the food to be smoked in the cooking chamber.
The first thing to catch the eye is the fresh look of the Vinson smokers, withwhich the product designers from LANDMANN show that even a massive device can look modern and pleasing. The rounded shapes, however, are not an end in themselves, because their form is determined by the function: the curved end caps improve the heat and smoke circulation inside the cooking chamber and the firebox. In contrast to angular models, they ensure that the smoke and roast aromas can be optimally distributed and developed.The construction, material and finishing of the Vinson smokers ensure a good temperature control, which is important when food is to be cooked over a long period of time at a low temperature. The new product family includes four models, ranging from a high-quality 16-inch model for occasional smokers up to a massive 20-inch smoker for sophisticated barbecue fans. "Hardcore" fans of the classic barbecue smoking will be delighted by the top-of-the-line device, the 20-inch Smoker Vinson 500. The wall thickness of the fire bowl and lid is a full 4 mm and guarantees correspondingly good heat insulation. This smoker weighs no less than 195 kilos and is thus, in terms of its weight, also a champion. Barbecue food for up to 18 persons can be produced using the largest model in this series. Vinson is the official BBQ smoker of the European BBQ Championship, which will take place from 8th to 10th June 2018 in Sweden. Vertical Smoker For lovers of fine-smoked delicacies, LANDMANN is introducing a gas-powered smoking cabinet with vertical smoke flow to the trade ("Vertical Smoker"). The food to be grilled – meat, fish or sausages – can be smoked on hooks or can be placed on four grids. LANDMANN has equipped the new smoking cabinet with a large viewing window and temperature indicator in the door. Also practical is the separate smoking unit with large water tank and smoking chip box. It ensures that heat and smoke do not escape each time the smoke chamber is opened. All the named brand and trademarks or product names are the property of their respective owners. We request the provision of a voucher copy in the event of publication.  

Gas grills in perfection–made by LANDMANN

Triton: all the new models in this series, which has been recognized by the trade, are equipped with an additional side burner


Side burner for all Triton models


LANDMANN is also optimizing and expanding the successful Triton range. All new models – and thus also the compact two-lamp model – additionally offer a side burner. This "hob" to the right of the main burner is ideal for preparing side dishes, sauces, pasta, wok dishes and in winter for mulled wine. The successful series from LANDMANN is available for the new season in black, silver, red and also in a stainless-steel version. The top model Triton PTS+ 6.1+ also scores points with the new Cooking system. and the Redi tank system with plenty of storage space.



All the named brand and trademarks or product names are the property of their respective owners. – We request the provision of a voucher copy in the event of publication.


The new Panteras–made by LANDMANN

The compact gas grill series with two appliances and three trolleys to make barbecuing more mobile

Compact, portable and mobile are the key features of the Pantera gas grills, which LANDMANN has developed for perfect grilling moments at home andon the road. The latest generation of the successful space-saving wonders will find enough room even on the smallest balconies or terraces and are ideal for spontaneous barbecue trips into the country, to be taken along in the caravan and for a barbecue on the campsite. Brand manufacturer LANDMANN is offering the compact grills in two different model variants: the Pantera 1.0 has one continuously-adjustable stainless-steel burner and operates with a gas cartridge set which is optimal, in other words, for mobile use. The Pantera 2.0, equipped with two

burners, can also be used for indirect grilling and for the extra power is designed for connection to a gas cylinder. The further features of the Pantera models include, among other things, grill grates made of enamelled cast iron (grilled food for up to six persons), electronic ignition and a temperature indicator in the lid, which lights up in the dark. The two practical side-tables can be removed for space-saving transport and storage.

 Permanent Cart and Tailgate Kit

Anyone who not only wants to make use of the portable models as table grills and attaches importance to mobility, has a choice of three different mobile stands, dependent upon his or her own personal barbecue preferences. The Pantera Permanent Cart is designed for use on the terrace, balcony and in the garden – a mobile variant with two large wheels and two standing legs. Between them it is possible to store a propane tank behind a screen.

The Pantera Folding Cart is the ideal companion for simple transport which can be folded together after use, saving space. The compact grills can be securely attached to the Cart in just a few simple steps and quickly released.

A further possibility is offered by the Pantera Tailgate Kit with extendable telescopic handle and also with two large wheels. This makes it possible to pull the grill unit behind you like a small roller suitcase. The transport set weighing only 11lbs and is attached directly beneath the grill and does not have to be removed when the grill is in use.

All the named brand and trademarks or product names are the property of their respective owners. We request the provision of a voucher copy in the event of publication.


Gas grills in perfection – made by LANDMANN

Avalon: the innovative PTS+ cooking system, best materials and a new design language characterize the new generation of the successful Avalon premium range

On time for the 2018 barbecue season, LANDMANN is presenting the next generation of the Avalon PTS+ series. The German brand manufacturer has raised this internationally successful premium range to a new level of quality thanks to a new, brand-specific design, high-quality materials and a further-developed PTS+ system, which additionally implements an innovative cleaning concept. The new Avalon generation 2018 presents itself with the latest features, leaving no wishes unfulfilled during preparation and providing for perfect barbecue experiences. As a result, LANDMANN cancontinue the success story of this internationally successful gas grill trolley series.

The materials used and the exceptional material strength of the large gas grills, whose cast-iron grates are 51 cm wide and up to 88.5 cm long, are of the very best. Double-walled hoods and doors are just one example of thequality of the brand's equipment, which LANDMANN has produced with a level of solidity, that you can rest assured you will be able to enjoy it for many years. The continuously adjustable main burner, the burner cover and all other stainless-steel parts and fittings are made of 304 quality stainless steel that is at least 1.5 mm thick. Detail solutions such as the built-in door dampers, which operate when closing the spacious lower cabinet, are among the other typical quality features of the new Avalon.

Models in the new Avalon range

The Avalon PTS+ 3.1 model with three main burners is designed to entertain up to ten people. With the model PTS+ 5.1+ (four main burners plus an infrared back burner for spit BBQ) can host up to 14 guests. The PTS+ 6.1+ (five main burners plus infrared back burner) is designed for the appetite of up to 18 people – perfect for large BBQs.
All models are additionally equipped with a powerful dual side burner. Two separate burner circuits, with a double output of 20,500 BTU, ensure that the required temperature is achieved quickly even in the case of a large cooking appliance, such as the grill wok.


Ardor – made by LANDMANN

Gas grill station and outdoor cuisine system of the highest class.

Terrace and garden have long since become the comfortable open-air living room. An increasing number of people also indulge in the luxury of cooking and grilling outdoors, stylishly and enjoyably. For this trend, LANDMANN has developed an exclusive outdoor kitchen that satisfies the highest requirements in terms of material, design and functionality. Ardor by LANDMANN is an outdoor kitchen system of the premium class, which functions according to the modular principle and leaves plenty of scope for individual solutions. In addition to the central gas grill station with four stainless steel burners plus back burner, the installed elements includea separate side burner for preparing further dishes, a drawer unit, a double door set and an electric spit. LANDMANN offers the Ardor kitchen island with integrated worktop. Anyone who would like to realize quite personal page 2 of 4 ideas of garden cuisine, can also use the Ardor built-in elements in a customized made-to-measure system of their own. The German brand manufacturer has chosen only the best materials for the high-class Ardor outdoor kitchen. Thus, double-walled lid, front panel, grill, burner covers, warming rack, side tables, doors and cabinet are all made using 304 grade stainless steel. LANDMANN provides a guarantee of up to 20 years on the Ardor Range. Top of the range model Ardor PTS+ 5.0 also as mobile gas grill The heart of the outdoor kitchen, the Ardor PTS+ 5.0 grill station, LANDMANN offers in addition to the built-in variant also as a gas grill car. The mobile high-performance grill has the same basic equipment as thebuilt-in station: four infinitely variable stainless steel burners, infra-red back burner, integrated Piezo ignition and stainless steel warming rack, supplemented by two side tables and a base cabinet with two double-walled doors. Both Ardor appliances are already equipped with the new PTS+ cooking system which, in addition to a particularly even heat distribution, provides fast and easy cleaning with EasyClean.   Ardor gas grill trolley