Wolfsbarsch in Salzkruste

Wolfsbarsch in Salzkruste

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Oktober 7, 2017

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4 whole Sea Bass

1kg Sea Salt

2 Eggs, beaten

4 stalks Fresh Rosemary, chopped

4 stalks Fresh Tarragon, chopped

4 stalks Fresh Oregano, chopped

2 tsp Olive Oil

4 slices Lemon



1Wash the scaled, gutted fish inside and out with water and dab dry with kitchen paper.

2Mix the herbs together thoroughly and insert inside the body of the fish with the lemon slices.

3Brush each fish with olive oil.

4Mix the beaten eggs with half the salt and evenly coat each fish in the egg and salt mixture.

5On a fl at surface spread out the remaining salt and coat the fish with another salt layer.

6Prepare your BBQ for indirect cooking raising the temperature to 200°C.

7Place the prepared fish inside a BBQ Fish Holder or wrap in tin foil.

8Add the fish to the center of the grill and cook for 30 minutes on the indirect heat.

9Once cooked remove the fish from the holder or foil and break up the surrounding salt crust.

10Remove the skin and fins and serve with new potatoes and fresh vegetables.


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