Built To Perform: Avalon’s 10-years Success Story

With more than 10 years of excellence, LANDMANN’s award-winning Avalon continues to exceed expectations of both enthusiasts and critics alike. The industry-leading Avalon features a Lifetime Warranty*, the patent-pending Precision Temperature System (PTS+)® and commercial grade materials that are built to perform and made to last.

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Continuing the tradition

For the last 50+ years LANDMANN ® , Europe’s first BBQ brand, has stood the test of time as a leading European manufacturer of premium Gas and Charcoal barbecues, Smokers, and BBQ accessories. Family-owned for over 5 decades, LANDMANN ® has grown from its humble German roots into a brand with an international footprint.

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Ingenuity At Its Best

The LANDMANN® made pellet kettle passes the appearance test, the durability test, and most importantly the taste test. Whether you’re interested in smoking or searing your meat, for the most consistent flavour you’ll want to try our award-winning pellet kettle. It’s sure to impress your family and friends.



Does your barbecue inspire a good time? LANDMANN® Premium BBQ Collections are made to inspire your grilling and smoking experiences to new heights. Each collection is made to inspire people to come together and enjoy great food for any occasion.

Introducing PTS+®

A Cooking System Designed to Maximize Flavor

Some of the biggest complaints about gas barbecues are uneven heating, too many flare-ups and the fact that they are difficult to clean. LANDMANN has heard you loud and clear. We have spent time perfecting a cooking system designed to resolve those issues. Our new, patent-pending, cooking system is simple in design, easy to maintain and above all, it works brilliantly. Introducing our Precision Temperature System plus Easy Cleaning (PTS+®)


The Ardor By LANDMANN®

When your grill works as hard as ours does, you won’t have to. Looking to build your own outdoor® kitchen? Try out the Ardor by LANDMANN.


Smarriga recept

Det finns inget som sammanflätar människor och kulturer så bra som god mat. Vi på LANDMANN® har därför satt ihop några av våra bästa recept för grillat, rökt och brynt kött tillsammans med utsökta sidorätter för din kulinariska smakupplevelse. Klicka här


We’ve Got You Covered

LANDMANN® grillar och barbecue smokers är tillverkade för att älskas. Om du älskar något så vårdar och skyddar du det. Därför har vi tagit fram skyddshuvar för varje enskild grill och barbecue smoker som ingår i vårt sortiment. Se till att skydda dina dyrbara produkter ordentligt och framförallt på rätt sätt, LANDMANNs sätt. Klicka här


LANDMANN® Blogg - nyheter, evenemang & tips

Besök gärna vår blogg för bland annat nyheter, pressmeddelanden, evenemang, och mycket mer som berör LANDMANN®. Klicka här


BBQ Lovers and enthusiasts all over the world with a passion for BBQ can now rejoice. LANDMANN® makes Gas and Charcoal barbecues, and a world of other barbecuing products for you to love. See why people all over the world love their LANDMANN®.

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