Vinson 400

9 995,00 kr

Vinson is a series of Barbecue Smokers that gives you the opportunity to experience and enjoy four different cooking methods: Classic American Barbecue Smoking, direct and indirect grilling and slow-cook. The grills have a large grill surface, which in turn gives room for a lot of food, and a rounded design for optimal air circulation. In other words, a versatile range of grills that leave many choices for the grill lover.

Very powerful barbecue smoker with large grill surface. The grill is a heavy piece that is made of 4mm steel. The very strong steel makes it easier to maintain a uniform heat than the thinner steel models. With rounded design for optimal air circulation. Works perfectly for both direct grilling, indirect grilling, barbecue and smoking.

The Vinson 400 comes with a folding and removable loading table which is located at the front of the grill and a robust grid shelf which is placed under the grill, for easy storage of various accessories. There is also a cup placed under the large barrel, for collecting marinades and fats. The grill can easily be moved using two wheels and a pull handle. The working height of the large barrel lies on comfortable 94 centimeters, and 71 centimeters, respectively, on the small barrel.

The recommended and associated cover is art.nr. 15728.


  • The barrel and door made of 4mm steel
  • Thermometer on the lid
  • Grill grill made of porcelain enamelled steel (5mm)
  • Porcelain enamelled steel grille
  • Both charcoal and grill grille in small barrel
  • Heat distribution steel included
  • Swivel front shelf
  • Large steel wheels for easy movement

Additional information

Weight 126 kg
Dimensions 142 × 93.5 × 134 cm