Gas Smoker


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  • Door with large window and integrated thermometer
  • 4 chrome-plated grills & 4 meat or fish hooks
  • Grease collection container
  • 1 infinitely adjustable stainless steel burner
  • Integrated piezo ignition
  • Adjustable door hinge
  • Smoking unit with large enamelled water tank and smoking chips box
  • 2 lockable castors

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In this gas-powered smoke, most types of raw materials are prepared. The cooking temperature can be set between about 80-250 °C.
By cooking the food at a slightly lower temperature than in traditional grills, and by adding the smoke candy (accessory), it gets cooked roast, juicy and gets a nice taste of the smoke. One can pull up the temperature for faster cooking when needed.
The 4 grills can be removed separately, which gives a good flexibility. Together they also accommodate a lot of food. Even vegetables, gratin and more that are placed in a mold can be cooked in this versatile product. In addition, with 4 hooks in the ceiling to be able to hang
meat or fish when smoking. The cooking space has a separate door, as well as the space for the burner, water tank, smoke chip container.

Technical Specification


Weight30 kg
Length52 cm
Width53 cm
Height101 cm