Wood for your smoker

When buying firewood for your smoker, make sure you purchase a good quality wood, because it is a question of preparing food. Ideal are untreated logs, which have been stored dry for two to three years, about 25 to 30 cm long and weighing about ½ kg. each. A log like that is sufficient to fire the smoker for about an hour.

Not every kind of wood is suitable for smoking and grilling. With oak wood, no bark should be left on the wood, otherwise tannic acids may form when burning. Please do not use any oily, fresh or coniferous woods. Glued, rotten and construction timber should be absolutely avoided.

Ignite the wood quickly and safely in five steps:

  1. Spread LANDMANN Lighting Wool on the charcoal grid
  2. Build thin logs into a tower
  3. Ignite with the help of a barbecue lighter, e.g.  with the LANDMANN Lighter
  4. Use thicker logs when the basic temperature level is reached
  5. Due to the long cooking times, you should regularly check the combustion level in the firebox to avoid temperature fluctuations in the smoker