Smoker Barbecues

Low and Slow. For Enhanced Flavor

Vinson Smokers

Are you looking for a versatile alternative to the kettle grilling? Then discover the Vinson Smokers from LANDMANN, you could not wish for more. With the new Vinson offset smoker class from LANDMANN you can experience and enjoy four different types of preparation: Direct Grilling, Indirect Grilling, Traditional Smoking, and Cold Smoking.


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Kentucky Smoker

The Kentucky Smoker is one of our bestselling charcoal barbecues due to its distinctive design and versatile functionality. Its offset smoker box can be stacked with charcoal and wood chips to smoke large joints of meat placed in the main chamber, low and slow. Whilst the main chamber can be used in isolation to cook traditional burgers and sausages directly. Anyone from a barbecue beginner to an enthusiast can master the use of the Kentucky Smoker barbecue.


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Pellet Kettle

Efficient, Smart, and Eco Friendly


The LANDMANN pellet barbecue enables smart fuel supply control, fine-adjustment of the temperature and holding the temperature stable over an extended period. The versatile appliance can be used for indirect grilling, direct grilling, and smoking.


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