Chocolate grill cake with yoghurt cream and cranberry sauce

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May 18, 2018

Sweet pampering program: Our Mother's Day Cake


3 Eggs.

200 g Soft butter.

130 g Sugar.

100 g Flour.

100 g Ground hazelnuts.

50 g Grated couverture.

40 g Cocoa.

1.5 tsp Baking powder.

1 pinch Salt.

1 pinch Nutmeg.


for the cream

1200 g Greek yogurt

2Zeste of half an organic lemon

31-2 TBS Honey

for the fruit sauce

11 glass Wild cranberries

24 TBS Maple syrup or agave syrup

3½ pod hot peppers of your choice

First, mix the ingredients for the dough using the food processor or a whisk, until a relatively firm dough has been formed. Put the dough in a baking dish which has been greased and dusted with flour, and bake for about 45 minutes at 180 - 200 ° C on the Pantera 2.0 gas compact grill. Place the baking dish next to the flame and close the lid, in other words, grill indirectly.

For the cream, sweeten the Greek yogurt with honey, then add the finely chopped zest of half a lemon to the mixture. While the cake is already baking on the grill, the yogurt cream can be left to continue to infuse in the refrigerator.

Now quickly prepare the fruit sauce. For this, wild cranberries (raspberries or other varieties of berry are also suitable) should be slowly heated in a pan until the mass liquefies. By adding agave syrup or maple syrup you can reduce the acidity of the cranberries a little and refine the fruit sauce even more in terms of its flavor.

A little extra pep can be provided by adding pepperoni, which you can add finely dosed to create the desired degree of sharpness. 

Extra tip: Allow a piece of fresh pepperoni to cook for a few minutes alongside the cake. Then cut out some of its cooked flesh, finely dice it and mix it with the cranberry paste. As a result, the fruit sauce gets a subtle hint of paprika and a spicy, stimulating sharpness.

The last step is serving. To make an attractive eye-catcher the dessert is grilled, when yogurt cream and fruit sauce are layered as a trifle in a glass and served with the cake. A great treat for Mother's Day from the compact grill.


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