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Charcoal starter

An almost ideal option for firing the fire indirectly and, above all, quickly is to light the charcoal starter.  On a refractory base, the charcoal grate or the fire bowl, a priming cube is lit singly or together with crumpled newspaper. The required amount of coal enters the ignition chimney, and the cylinder, which is open at the bottom, is then simply placed over the flames: the warm air rises, the negative pressure is compensated by inflowing air. The fire then gets hotter, more oxygen is added, which intensifies the flames. 

Pre-heating Charcoal Grill

How long does charcoal have to pre-heat? What happens if you do not heat it long enough?  With an igniting fireplace, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the coal to be thoroughly annealed. Fuels need a little longer. If charcoal or briquettes are covered with an ash layer, the fun of barbecuing can begin. Too short to heat up can lead to the fuel not burning completely and insufficiently releasing the required heat.