Gas grills in perfection – made by LANDMANN

Avalon: the innovative PTS+ cooking system, best materials and a new design language characterize the new generation of the successful Avalon premium range

On time for the 2018 barbecue season, LANDMANN is presenting the next generation of the Avalon PTS+ series. The German brand manufacturer has raised this internationally successful premium range to a new level of quality thanks to a new, brand-specific design, high-quality materials and a further-developed PTS+ system, which additionally implements an innovative cleaning concept. The new Avalon generation 2018 presents itself with the latest features, leaving no wishes unfulfilled during preparation and providing for perfect barbecue experiences. As a result, LANDMANN cancontinue the success story of this internationally successful gas grill trolley series.

The materials used and the exceptional material strength of the large gas grills, whose cast-iron grates are 51 cm wide and up to 88.5 cm long, are of the very best. Double-walled hoods and doors are just one example of thequality of the brand’s equipment, which LANDMANN has produced with a level of solidity, that you can rest assured you will be able to enjoy it for many years. The continuously adjustable main burner, the burner cover and all other stainless-steel parts and fittings are made of 304 quality stainless steel that is at least 1.5 mm thick. Detail solutions such as the built-in door dampers, which operate when closing the spacious lower cabinet, are among the other typical quality features of the new Avalon.

Models in the new Avalon range

The Avalon PTS+ 3.1 model with three main burners is designed to entertain up to ten people. With the model PTS+ 5.1+ (four main burners plus an infrared back burner for spit BBQ) can host up to 14 guests. The PTS+ 6.1+ (five main burners plus infrared back burner) is designed for the appetite of up to 18 people – perfect for large BBQs.
All models are additionally equipped with a powerful dual side burner. Two separate burner circuits, with a double output of 20,500 BTU, ensure that the required temperature is achieved quickly even in the case of a large cooking appliance, such as the grill wok.