Grill grate: protection and care

When stored outdoors, it can happen that, as a result of wind and weather, rust stains form on the grill grate. To remove the rust, the grill grate could be wrapped completely airtightly in aluminum foil. Then the grill must be hung above the embers for about 10 minutes. After it has cooled down, the foil can be removed. The rusty spots should now have disappeared. 

Pyrolysis – Cleaning your with high heat!

Among most BBQ grills, porcelain grill grates are popular as they hold heat well and are rust-resistant. However, cleaning porcelain grill grates can lend themselves to be tricky as they chip easily if scrubbed with a hard grill brush. To clean this type of grill grate properly, use a soft bristle grill brush (see LANDMANN grill brushes here). You can also apply household products or a professional grill cleaner if the porcelain grill grates are really coated in grease and coarsest incrustations. Grill grates are easier to clean when they are warm. Bring the empty grill back up to maximum temperature again with the lid closed for 10 to 15 minutes to burn off any excess food. Then turn off the grill and let it cool for a few minutes so the brush bristles won’t melt. Any remaining ashes can be easily removed with a brass brush - never with a steel brush. When cleaning your grill grates, you want to take the brush and run it diagonally along the grates. This should be done with smooth, fluid motions from the front of the grill grates to the back. Running the brush diagonally over the grates, rather than straight over the grates will make it easier to remove food and grease on the grates.
  1. Do not scrub too hard on the grates as this can damage them.
  2. Use the scouring pad or toothbrush to get small or hard-to-reach areas. LANDMANN's Patent Pending PTS+ cooking system featuring our Seamless Cooking Grate keep grease from building up by using a specially designed vertical center support bar that makes grease slide away. Read more about our innovative system by clicking here.

Clean your grill grates

Chromed steel, stainless steel or enamel grills can be easily cleaned with a grill cleaner and a grill brush with brass or soft stainless-steel bristles. Cast iron grates, on the other hand, should only be cleaned with the pyrolysis self-cleaning of the grill. Strong heating of the grill then ensures that any remaining residues on the grill or in the interior are burnt. Afterwards the residues can be easily removed with a triangular metal brush. 

LANDMANN’s Miton PTS 4.1 Awarded Best in Test

LANDMANN can hit his chest again. Now one of our grills has won another award, Best in Test.  

German grilling magazine " Der Griller ", a special magazine about grilling and grilling, has appointed LANDMANN Gas Grille Miton PTS 4.1 to test winner.

Of course, we are proud that this magazine praises our gas grill, which has also been sold successfully and has been sold on the UK and Scandinavian market.