Landmann 800


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When it’s game time and you’re ready to tailgate or just have an afternoon of fun while you grill in the park, you don’t want to lug a big bulky grill around. The Gas Grill is lightweight and perfect for grilling on the go. The grill is made of the highest quality materials that are resistant to oxidation and corrosion. What that means for you is, your grill will be easy to clean and will provide years of dependable service. The 304 stainless steel construction is built to take any conditions Mother Nature throws at them while standing up to the heat that cooks your BBQ to perfection.


  • 13,500 BTU intense searing ceramic infrared burner
  • Automatic shut-off safety system
  • Infinitely adjustable heat output
  • Push-button electronic ignition for ease of lighting
  • Porcelain-coated front panel makes for easy cleanup

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Infrared Powerhouse: LANDMANN is expanding its grill offering with the introduction of the new high-temperature, compact gas grill, the LANDMANN 800.  The 304 stainless-steel cube, equipped with infrared technology and produces temperatures up to 800°C (1472°F).  LANDMANN 800 also features Bluetooth Temperature Monitoring which creates the perfect grilling results in practically on time. Thanks to its special construction, it promises ease of use, easy cleaning, and safe handling.

Smart. Simple. Safe: Intuitive control panel with digital readout, electronic ignition button & temperature control knob. Conventional grills tend to cook meat over a long period of time at temperatures of 500-700 degrees or less. However, the LANDMANN 800 will caramelize meat within seconds with its 1400° + degrees of heat output– creating the beautiful, juicy  steaks every time!

Innovative Features: LANDMANN 800 also features Integrated Bluetooth Temperature Monitoring. This feature gives you the ability to easily set the desired internal temperature with a digital readout and be alerted by a pleasing tone once that temperature is reached.

Quick & Easy to use: Rotatable grill basket with flexible stainless steel mesh and insulated handle for safe and  easy turning. Delicious seafood, vegetables, and especially stakes… this grill does it all.