Pulled pork

Burgers American Grilling
Cook: 3 hrs



  1. Finely shop the onion, cut the garlic in half and leave to simmer on a medium heat without browning. Let the butter coolslightly, put it through a sieve and then draw it into the syringe. Inject the butter into the pork neck. To do so, insert thesyringe into the meat in numerous place and inject a little of the butter mixture each time. Rub the BBQ seasoning into thepork neck, wrap it up in cling fi lm and, for best results, marinate overnight in the fridge.
  2. Mix the coleslaw with the carrot strips, sugar and salad dressing. Add salt and pepper to taste and place in the fridge.
  3. Setup the smoker with just a few charcoal briquettes for indirect barbecuing, adjust the temperature to 160°C and closethe lid. Insert the core temperature sensor into the middle of the pork and place the pork neck on the barbecue grill above thedrip pan. Leave to cook indirectly for 3–3 ½ hours with the lid closed, until delicious, browned crackling has formed. Wrap themeat up in aluminium foil and leave to cook indirectly for another 3–3 ½ hours until it has a core temperature of 95°C. Thenleave to rest in the aluminium foil for 30 minutes.
  4. Cut the burger buns in half and place on the edge directly above the fl ames to go crispy. Place the meat in a large bowl andpull apart using two forks. Warm up the barbecue sauce in a aluminium barbecue tray on the barbecue and mix with the pulledpark. Put the coleslaw on the burger buns,serve a large portion of pulled pork on top of it and then refi ne to taste with extrabarbecue sauce.
  5. Pulled pork is the only real BBQ food for many barbecue experts and its preparation is celebrated ritually. The taste andtenderness win over even the harshest critics. Preparation can usually take up to 16 hours, but the recipe described here canbe done in 6–7 hours – “Turbo Pulled Pork”. Pulled pork is perfectly suited to a lovely BBQ day with family and friends with asequences of different barbecue dishes until rounded off with the crowning glory of pulled pork.