FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


Barbecue Maintenance

What’s the best way to care for my barbecue when not in use?

When not in use we recommend storing your barbecue in a shed, outhouse or garage, however if this isn’t available you can store the barbecue outside. Wherever the barbecue is stored ensure that you invest in a Landmann protective barbecue cover to shield it from the elements.

It is important to remember with the changing of the seasons comes changes in temperature, and throughout this period condensation can build up underneath the cover on the surface of the barbecue. To combat a build up of moisture which can lead to rust and mold, we recommend uncovering the barbecue on dry days and drying it down with a cloth periodically.

We have a range of protective covers to suit a variety of barbecue types and sizes on our website.

Can I put my barbecue grills in the dishwasher?

We recommend not to clean your grills in the dishwasher. Investing in a good quality T Brush and Barbecue Cleaning products should keep your grills in good condition if cleaned on a regular basis.

How can I clean the rest of my barbecue?

The external parts should be cleaned using a soapy water solution and a cleaning brush or sponge. For enamelled surfaces we recommend our Landmann Power Enamel Cleaner 15801, and for stainless steel surfaces our Landmann Power Stainless Steel Cleaner 15800.

Always ensure that your barbecue is completely dry before storing it away before the next use to prevent the build up of mold or rusting.

How can I clean my barbecue grills?

With any barbecue, we would recommend it is cleaned soon after cooking so that the food is at its easiest to remove.

For gas barbecues reheat the barbecue for 5-10 mins with the lid closed to burn off any excess food. Then, whilst the grill is still hot, use a wire BBQ brush to remove any food debris from the grill. Once cool, use Landmann Barbecue Cleaning Wipes 13025 to remove any further stubborn stains. For a thorough clean you may wish to remove the grills and give them a wash with soapy water and cloth to soften the tougher burnt-on food remnants, then use a barbecue cleaning brush to scrub them until completely clean. For charcoal barbecues follow the same process but begin whilst the grill is still hot soon after cooking.

Barbecue Tips

What is the best way to light charcoal?

The easiest method is to use a Landmann Charcoal Starter to light your charcoal, we recommend our Landmann Selection Charcoal Starter for this – model 15200.

Place two or three fire lighters on the charcoal grid or tray and light them. Fill your charcoal starter with charcoal briquettes and place the full charcoal starter over the lit firelighters. Leave the charcoal starter for 10-15 minutes to allow all the charcoal to light and turn white. Once all the briquettes have turned white tip the hot coals into the charcoal grid or tray of your barbecue. If you need a more charcoal you can repeat this process later on.

Firepit Maintenance

How much sand do I need in my fire pit?

We suggest 500 – 800g of sand depending on the size of the firepit. This will help to insulate the firepit and ensure a long life.

Why do I need sand in my firepit?

Sand helps protect against the acidic and corrosive nature of wood ashes. The sand adds an insulating layer under the fire.


What is the difference between lump wood charcoal and briquettes?

Lump wood charcoal is made by burning wood in the absence of oxygen, this is charcoal in its most natural form. This type of charcoal lights quickly, burns hotter and leaves very little ash residue. Lump wood charcoal comes in smaller pieces. Typically lump wood charcoal will burn quicker than briquettes making it more suited to direct cooking.

Charcoal briquettes are manufactured wood by-products compressed with some additives. An advantage of briquettes is that they will burn for longer at a consistent temperature, making them ideal for smoking or longer cooking times. Lighting the briquettes in a charcoal starter until they turn white should avoid any smells from the additives being transferred to your food.

Can I add lava rocks to my gas barbecue if it didn’t come with them?

We recommend to leave the barbecue the way it was designed, if it didn’t come with lava rocks or ceramic briquettes then please don’t try adding them.

Barbecues which do not come with lava rocks are fitted with metal bars which sit above each of the burners, at Landmann we call these flame tamers. These cover the burners, catching the hot fat dripping from the grill, this not only protects the burners from a build up of grease but the heated flame tamers also vaporise the fat helping to flavour the food. Flame tamers also help to distribute heat throughout the grilling area to ensure no cold spots are present during cooking.

Can I use charcoal in my gas barbecue?

No. Gas barbecues are designed to work with the heat created by its gas burners and no other heat source. Adding charcoal or any other fuel to your gas barbecue can be very dangerous as it can cause the barbecue to overheat and damage the product.

Can I use a Butane gas bottle with my Landmann barbecue?

All Landmann gas barbecues are fitted with a 27mm clip on propane regulator and we recommend never changing this to another regulator, as doing so may void your warranty.

If you do not own a Landmann barbecue and you believe it requires a butane bottle, this bottle will be blue. If in doubt please refer to either the manufacturer’s instruction manual or the manufacturer directly for the correct information.

What type of gas bottle do I need for my Landmann barbecue?

All Landmann gas barbecues are fitted with a 27mm clip on propane regulator, for this you will need a propane gas bottle. There are several brands available in the UK with bottles coming in 5kg, 11kg and 13kg sizes.

For gas barbecues with 4 burners and above we recommend an 11kg or 13kg bottle, this ensures your bottle can power all burners at the same time.


Where is the model number located?

For gas models, this is located either on the front control panel of the barbecue or inside the cabinet door.

All model numbers can be found on the front of the instruction booklet.


How do I return an order due to change of mind?

To return a product due to change of mind please read the returns policy found on the website or contact the customer service team at: support@landmann.co.uk or 01480 421720

If my order arrives damaged, what should I do?

If in the rare instance this should happen, please email our customer service team at: support@landmann.co.uk

Spare Parts

Can spare parts for my Landmann product be purchased from my local retailer?

Our spare parts are specific to Landmann products, and should only be purchased from Landmann-UK.


Do your grills come fully assembled?

The majority of our units require self-assembly, which is normally completed within 1-2hrs.
Check out our Avalon and Triton ranges, as some of these models are delivered 95% preassembled.


What type of warranty do you offer for your products?

The majority of our manuals can be downloaded from website, if you do not see what you need listed you can email us customerservice@landmann-usa.com and we will be happy to send you a replacement manual.

What information is needed when contacting customer service for a warranty claim?

Model number
Proof of purchase
Description of the claim
Photographs if relevant/necessary

I have lost my owner’s instruction manual; how do I obtain a new one?

The majority of our manuals can be downloaded from our website, however if you cannot find the manual you need please email us at: support@landmann.co.uk