Gas Barbecues

Step into the Premium Class

Avalon Series

Continuation of Avalon’s 10-years Success Story

When the first Avalons hit the market ten years ago, the performance of these innovative premium gas grills caused quite a stir. Since then we have regularly perfected this range. High-quality materials like grade 304 stainless steel, a new design and exclusive features such as the patent pending  PTS+® cooking system for optimum heat distribution and easy cleaning, are key features of the latest Avalon generation.


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Triton Series

A Smart Introduction to the Premium Class

Precise control of burner performance and uniform temperature distribution thanks to the innovative PTS system – that is just one of the features that make our Triton range so popular with barbecue fans all over the world. It offers the perfect introduction to the class of premium gas barbecues. Latest Triton standard: we have equipped all models with a separate side burner.


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