• 20 year warranty on the ceramic lid and the grill bowl
  • Thick ceramic hull, thermometer on the lid
  • Cast iron valve
  • Stainless steel grids
  • Includes an extra stainless grid for grilling on two levels
  • Coal grid in cast iron
  • Cart with two side tables
  • 2 wheels and 2 lockable castors



Grill for the ambitious charcoal grill lover. Massive luxury model.

For thousands of years, ceramic ovens have been used in Asia for cooking. The traditional Japanese ovens are called “mushikamado”.
In the middle of the 20th century, the Americans further developed these furnaces as they combined the best of both worlds. Ceramic oven with grill. The versatile so-called “Kamado grills” “saw the light of day. The word kamado itself is Japanese for oven.

Incredible thermal insulation. This type of grill has exceptional insulation and heat retention, which means that less air and carbon are required. The moisture is retained in the grill, which gives a juicy result. Excellent grill for slow cook.
Very tight. When the grill is very dense, it is also suitable for smoking. Smoke chips, chunks or small pieces of wood are placed on top of the coal for smoke.

Can be used for direct grilling where the food is cooked directly over the glow bed. But also for indirect grilling if you supplement with our deflector plate, a heat shield which is sold as an accessory art.15900

If you buy a pizza & brick, you can cook pizza or bread in the grill. Check out the accessory art.13215.
NOTE: The pizza stone cannot be placed on the lower grille if both

The recommended and associated cover is 14343.