26″ Barrel Pellet Grill

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Enhance your barbeque grill experience with the Landmann Barrel Pellet Grill, an easier to operate barbecue that produces flavorful results every time. This versatile grill, with a total cooking area of 1318 square inches, allows you to barbecue racks of ribs, briskets, whole chickens and so much more. Enhance your cooking experience with the digital temperature control, which provides accurate readings of the temperate and gives you precise control over the temperature that’s needed. The external meat probe with digital temperature readout keeps track of the food temperature so it’s cooked just the way you want it. Become a bbq grill master–and impress your family and friends with delicious, flavorful food prepared on this easy-to-use grill that gives you all the control.

  • 6 Function Pellet Grill: Smoke, Grill, Bake, Roast, Braise & BBQ
  • Wood pellet cooking system infuses excellent smoke flavor
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Heavy gauge stainless steal heat diffuser
  • 710 total square Inch cooking area
  • Digital controls provide precise temperature settings from smoke to 500°F
  • Large 8 lb. hopper with viewing window provides hours of use
  • Porcelain-coated easy to clean cooking grates
  • Automatic electronic ignition and feed system; 110V required
  • Large folding front shelf, and fixed side shelf with removable serving tray
  • Four swivel casters for ease of mobility
  • Includes porcelain coated wire warming rack
  • Meat temperature probe included

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Digital precise temperature controls: Landmann’s digital precise temperature control panel makes it barbecuing simple. With the digital control, you simply set the grill to your desired temperature Just set your grill temperature and let your Landmann do the work for you. The controller provides continuous feedback by displaying a bright, easy to read green LED readout in any environment.  The controller updates and displays the temperature once every second for accurate grill temperature readings.


Automatic electronic ignition and feed system:  Turn the dial and voila your fire is ignited!  Remove the fear and frustration out of lighting a fire with the automatic pellet igniter.  Within 5 minutes, the wood pellets are ignited, and any temperature is achieved quickly.



Large 8 lb. hopper with viewing window: Large hopper allows for long continuous barbecuing.  If you want to change the type of pellet, it can be simple to remove any unused pellets from the hopper with the pellet release.  Simply pull the lever to clear out the hopper for a new flavor.


Versatile Cooking Experience:  Barbecue enthusiast, want it all and this high capacity Pellet Grill allows you to have it all!  Enhance your cooking experience with the option to roast, bake, smoke, braise, and BBQ with the power of flavorful wood pellets.  The external meat probe with digital temperature readout keeps track of the food temperature so it is cooked just the way you want it.


Total Cooking Area: With 710 total square Inch of cooking area, this grill is perfect for backyard BBQ’s with friends and family. Light up the grill and let the good times roll!


Large folding front shelf: Enhance your cooking experience our large folding front shelf. This perfect prep space for a pro or novice griller. The shelf folds down for easy stow. Not only does it provide more prep space in front of the grill, but it also can be used as a handle for easy mobility of the cart.

The Landmann Barrel Pellet Grill burns pellets made from wood which means you’re going to cook and flavor food at the same time. The pellet grill has advantages over both charcoal and gas grills.  Charcoal grills offer good food flavoring but messing with the charcoal is a hassle (dirty, lighting, maintaining, odors).  Gas grills are convenient but don’t offer the benefit of flavoring the food like burning the wood pellets do.  The pellet grill combines the best benefits of both charcoal and gas.  Convenience and Flavor.


Easy Clean-Up:  We’ve added a heavy-duty stainless-steel drip tray that funnels grease and goo into a removable grease bucket. The drip tray also diffuses and radiates the heat, so food is cooked evenly every time.


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