Pellet Kettle by Landmann: the precise multitalent

With the temperature control of a gas grill and the aroma characteristics of a smoker

For the barbecue season 2017, brand maker LANDMANN presents its new pellet grill, which combines the advantages of two grill worlds: the comfort of a gas grill with precise temperature control and the typical smoky taste of the smoker’s grill.

The fuel supply can be cleverly dosed, the temperature finely adjusted and also over a long period constant hold – the new pellet grill from LANDMANN mastered the perfect. This allows the all-rounder to be used for indirect grilling, smoking and American BBQ.

And so the new Pellet Kettle from LANDMANN leads to great grilling results: Sawdust chips are used as fuel for pellets (“pellets”, “pills”). Switchboard of LANDMANN’s new pellet grills is a control panel with eleven different setting options covering the entire grilling temperature range from 71 ⁰C to 260 ⁰C. After the ignition by pressing a button, the desired temperature is set on the controller. An electric feed screw then automatically feeds precisely the amount of wood pellets that are just needed in the combustion chamber for firing.

In this way an even heat development is ensured even in the case of indirect grilling, smoking and smoking – that is to say, in the case of cooking processes which can take many hours. ‘BBQ on the long-haul’ is thus very comfortable: no more tedious handling with glowing charcoal more, no long taxing of fuel quantities and constant control of the grill. And although grilling itself is much more relaxed, connoisseurs do not have to do without the typical smoky flavor of the grilled food. LANDMANN has equipped its Pellet Kettle with enamelled grill grate, exorbitant fat tray, spacious side table for folding down and an additional storage surface above the ground. Two wheels in combination with two lockable castors ensure mobility and at the same time stability of the device, which has a 240-volt power connector. The pellet container with its large filling volume is designed for long-term operation. The included core temperature thermometer ensures a quick cooking check of the food.

For its new grill, LANDMANN offers pellets of hickory wood, which remind with their intense smoky aroma and a certain sharpness of smoked ham. These pellets are made from untreated wood without bark and artificial binders. Also offers

LANDMANN smoking chips for the flavoring of the food in many different
tastes. The Pellet Kettle (recommended retail price: 799,00 Euro) and the Hickory pellets in the 9-kilo bag (recommended retail price: 19.99
Euro) from LANDMANN are available in hardware stores and the selected specialist retailers.