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Perfect Size for Your Backyard Needs: 

Whether your backyard is big or small, the newly designed Brookfield fire pit is designed to fit.  This firepit, 24” in diameter and a  7” deep fire bowl with rolled edges, has a fire bowl deep enough to contain firewood to keep your family and friends warm for hours.

Circular airflow:

Diamond cut-outs are not just for show, it’s for flow.  Each opening allows your fire to last longer due to the circulation of airflow.

Study Legs with a Twist: 

Keep wobbling where it belongs, on the dance floor.  The Brookfiled has four strong, decorative, curved wraparound legs; coupled with a support ring that provides a durable base that won’t tip.

Contain the Sparks:

Bromley comes equipped with a full coverage spark guard so you may enjoy your fire without worrying about uncontrollable embers flying where you don’t want them.

Built to Last: 

If you invest in quality you’ll rarely be disappointed.   The Brookfield is built to withstand the heat and the elements with sturdy steel construction that is finished in a high heat finish.

Accessories Included: 

No fire pit is complete without a poker to keep the firewood and fire in check. This fire pit includes a 24 in. poker.

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  • All-new design
  • 24 in. diameter x 7 in. deep fire bowl with rolled edges
  • Mini Diamond pattern
  • 4 strong, curved wraparound legs
  • Full coverage spark guard
  • Matte black high heat finish
  • 24 in. poker
  • Burn Surface Area: 415 sq. in.