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Perfect Size for Your Backyard Needs: 

Whether your backyard is big or small, the newly designed Manafire fire pit is designed to fit.  This firepit, 32-inch diameter and a  10.25-inch deep fire bowl with rolled edges has a fire bowl deep enough to contain firewood to keep your family and friends warm for hours.

Circular airflow:

The open pattern is not just for show, it’s for flow. This fire pit not only gives you a 360-degree view of the fire, but the open design also allows your fire to last longer due to the circulation of airflow.

Contain the Sparks:

The Landmann Magnafire fire pit comes equipped with a heavy-duty spark guard, and a fire drop pattern with the inner screen allows you to enjoy your fire without worrying about uncontrollable embers flying where you don’t want them.

Quality Built:

Babies should wobble, your fire pit should not. With four sturdy flange legs, you can rest assured that your fire will stay level even if the ground that it rests on isn’t. This fire pit is also finished with a durable, black sand paint finish.

Easy to Transport:

Easily grab and move your fire pit anywhere you like with a strong, wide fire bowl rim, and ab angle iron reinforced fire bowl.

Accessories Included:

The Brunswick comes equipped with a 24 in. steel poker so you can tame the firewood and the flames.

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  • All-new design
  • 32 in. x 10.25 in. deep fire bowl
  • Firedrop pattern
  • Strong and wide fire bowl rim
  • Angle iron reinforced fire bowl
  • 4 sturdy flange legs
  • Full coverage spark guard
  • Matte black finish
  • 24 in. poker
  • Easy assembly
  • Burn Surface Area: 615 sp. in.