Handling your barbecue

When handling your barbecue form lighting lifting the lid, you want to be on the safe side and use glove. With grill gloves, such as those from LANDMANN, you can be sure that your hands are protected. Not only do gloves protect your hands from hot coals and other heat sources when you’re barbecuing, but they also give you enough ability to handle tongs, flippers and knives.

Our Leather BBQ Gloves, made of robust split leather on the outside and made of soft cowhide on the

outside, are characterized by their good fingering and grip properties with high heat resistance. The extra-long cuffs also protect against flying sparks.

The stability of the heat-resistant stainless-steel firebox, its wide heat shield and ergonomically shaped handle make it a reliable and safe helper when handling fire and embers.

LANDMANN Lighting Wool, a product of ecological forestry, is suitable for all charcoal grills, smokers and the firebox. The long-handled grill lighter ensures safe lighting.